Tuesday, October 9, 2012

It’s our Birthday! (And we’re giving to you!)

Well HEY! Guess what today is?? You’ll NEVER EVER guess (if you ignore the title of this post.)

It’s my birthday!! I love birthdays, I really do. And I still don’t mind getting older, in fact, I’ve found it to be a good thing. I really don’t want to go back ten years. Not for a million bucks. Weird? Maybe. But true. :)

I am only 37 though (for those of you who are shaking your heads and saying “only?” to yourselves right now, you can just cool it), so it’s not too bad. I may be in the fetal position three more years from this day though. We’ll see. 

That brings me to my friend Chris. See, she’s a blogger too, and she’s OLD. Like, 39. And we share a birthday. Well, at least the day, obviously. We met through blogging but we are now super tight friends. I can tell her pretty much anything and she doesn’t even blink (even though its usually through text instead of face to face, so I guess I can’t really tell if she has a horrified look or not).

I love this girl, and I want to brag on her for just a second, if you will allow. She is a brilliant blogger (over at Just a Girl), DIYer and decorator and if you’ve been to her blog, you know what I’m talking about. Check out her gorgeous dining room:

classic dining room

And her awesomesauce DIY table she and her hubby just made for the family room:

DIY TV table

And if you read a little magazine called BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS, you may recognize her son’s room from this month’s issue:

boy room wood wall

Girls got skillz.

So we thought since we share a birthday (and a mind half the time…really, it’s just plain weird), we’d have some fun this year. We made up a super short, super fun quiz about both of us. Ten questions total. Five questions for each of us.

Once you complete the quiz, here:

You’ll have to go to Justa’s page to answer the rest. (Five questions on each site, it will take you no time at all.) 

So answer these first, keep track of how many you got right, then answer the rest over at Chris’ page here. When you’re done, leave her a comment with how many you got right. (And if you are coming from her site, finish yours up here and leave me a comment with your number!)

We’ll pick a winner this Friday. A winner  of what you ask? How about $100 to one of our very favorite places? One that I’m sure we’d get into MAJOR trouble at if we lived near each other (our husband’s thank God every day)…good old Tarjay. The Bullet. Our BFF, Target baby!

WHOO! I know…it’s our birthday and we giveth away. That's just how we DO.

This is just for fun of course, no pressure. If you want to join in you have till this Thursday. :) Go forth and try to figure out which one of us is weirder!! :)

**For some reason the quiz isn’t showing up on my phone. If that is happening for you, I apologize. You can enter on the computer. I’ll try get it fixed!

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