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Crafty Christmas knock offs

Hello all! How’s your week going? I just got back late last night from a whirlwind trip to Atlanta to see the Ballard Designs headquarters – it was a blast and I learned a ton!

Today we are continuing our holiday home parties with the crafty link up over at Kate’s!:


There have been a couple crafty ideas that I wanted to recreate for a while now – one was a project I saw last year and one I just saw a couple months ago (because the decor comes out in October – gives me time to plan!). ;) Of course, I was able to do both for MUCH cheaper, and the result is JUST as cute, at least I think so. ;)

The first was a pretty glass ornament from Target:

I can’t remember how much it was – I think $6? Not too bad I guess, but if you want a bunch of them that’s going to add up fast. For this one I was lucky to have everything I needed from Christmases past (har):

DIY snowy ornaments

I had the glass ornaments, the little teensy pinecone jobbies (so cute!), some glitter, sprigs of faux greenery, and fake snow.

I actually started with some Epsom salts we had, but it was too heavy looking so I ended up with my go-to fake fluffy snow as the first step:

DIY snow ornament

You kind of have to push it down in there through the funnel. I used scissors to get it in there. I got mine snow from Target years back but it’s super cheap here too.

Then I cut off the little berries and pine cones from the wires and dropped them in:

DIY snow ornament

Added some glitter, and then one little sprig of greenery in each one:

DIY snow ornament

They are TOO cute! I love them! I cut down some of my real greenery I’ve been using around the house and laid them in it on the bookcases:

DIY snow ornament

I love how they turned out!:

DIY snow ornament 

I had the epsom salt one leftover and just hung it with a ribbon from my manzanita branch:

DIY snow ornament

I love the texture of the snow with the pop of green and the natural little pine cones! Best part – they didn’t cost me a dime. Hoarding craft supplies has it’s benefits, fo sho. ;)

The next project was inspried by an idea I saw last year over at Michelle’s place. I’ve seen it done a million times since and I’m sure you have too. The inspiration was the West Elm nutcrackers:

west elm nutcracker

A couple months ago I picked up a set of small nutcrackers from Hobby Lobby, $4 for six of them (got them half off):

I tried to find some last season and they were loooong gone. Hopefully you’ll be able to find some! 

I primed them first (on my Goodwill sheet turned tarp) and honestly, the spray painting took FOREVER. They are so detailed, I had to keep turning them every which way:

I was going to do a festive red, but I’m loving my copper spray paint so much, I went with that. I knew I wanted to use these in the bookcases as well, and I like to do brown and green decor in there this time of year:

Again, this part took FOREVER. Gah.

I didn’t even finish the backs (helloooo, are you surprised??):

spray painted nutcracker

I nestled them in more greenery and love how they turned out! They are small but mighty!:

painted nutcracker Christmas decor

I have quite a few more projects I’d like to tackle this year, but only time will tell if they get done. :)

Here’s a few of my crafty ideas from years past – my Anthropologie knock off jars:

anthropologie jars

I still can’t believe how expensive those are in the store. Cannot. believe.

And my simple glass candleholders wrapped with paper are still one of my favorites!:

candleholders covered with scrapbook paper

And I think the cutest by far is the Santa hat craft from years ago: santa hat craftI love those things!!

Be sure to link up your crafts at Kate’s place today! Do you have a favorite Christmas craft project?


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