Friday, May 24, 2013

Knob love

Hey heeeeeey! Happy Friday!! We have a busy but fun weekend planned – it feels like the first weekend in a long time that hubby hasn’t had a band function or event. I just realized today we don’t even have a baseball game this weekend, so I’m looking forward to just hanging out with my boys and having a great weekend!

I stopped by Hobby Lobby this week to look for some knobs for the powder room vanity – there’s still so much to do in there but sometimes I allow myself a “fun” project here and there. It gets me even more excited about getting it done. :)

Over the past few years Hob Lob has been my go-to place for pretty, funky decorative knobs and they didn’t disappoint this time either. They have such a fun selection and I think they are always half off now, so you really can’t beat it!

I loved this nautical inspired compass knob:

compass knob

I may have to go back for those for the Bub’s bathroom redo…which will come when I’m ready to face bathroom redos again. ;)

This bicycle one was adorable:

bicycle knob

I have a girlfriend who loves bikes and this reminded me of her. ;)

They have a HUGE selection of painted ones too – I absolutely loved all of the color on these:

And if you want something more subdued there are a ton of glass options too:

glass knobs

I loved that aqua glass one – I wanted those but they didn’t have enough.

These button knobs were just too stinkin’ cute!!:

button knobs

I’m still trying to think of where I could use them. How fun would those be in a craft room or toy room?

I thought these mercury glass-looking ones were pretty too:

mercury glass knobs

So elegant – and I think they were $4 each and half off? You can’t beat it people!

These spigot handles were adorable too, and would be super cute in a bathroom:

spigot knobs

Ohhhh my goodness…I just thought of a fun way to use these! I may go grab a few to put on my potting bench outside for hanging my gardening tools. Adorable. (Don’t go grab them all umkay??)

They have a ton of hooks and handles too – this one would look amazing against a white dresser or vanity:

glass handle

Awesome, yes?

I wanted something with with a big pop of color but also a simple design for our vanity, so I went with these beauties:

aqua knobs, white dresser

The base (the white part) was actually a creamy color that looked dingy against the white drawers, so I taped off the knobs and spray painted it. They look SO much better!

I LOVE the aqua color against the white vanity (which I’ll tell you more about soon):

aqua knobs, white vanityKnobs and hardware are another one of those little details that I love to change up – they can add some real beauty and interest to a dresser or vanity for not a lot of money.

Where do you find your knobs? Have you found some cool ones at Hobby Lobby? My only complaint about theirs is that they loosen up easily – much easier than others I’ve purchased. But the aqua knobs came with a washer so I’m hoping that helps keep things tight. Anyone else notice this?

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