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Welcoming a baby boy

Hello all and welcome to a new week! I’m recovering after a busy but lovely weekend. You know all that decluttering I’ve been doing over the past six few months? Well I wanted to get it done before the holidays just so I’d have some peace of mind, but I also wanted to have it done for a very important event at our house.

On Saturday we celebrated the impending arrival of my new grandson! I mentioned our news a couple months back but haven’t talked about it much, just because I feel like this isn’t my story to tell, you know? I try to be conscious of what I share on the blog, at least when it’s not about me. But when he comes I’m sure I’ll talk about him all the time. ;)

My stepdaughter is 23 and yes I’ll be the youngest grandma EVER at 38. (I know I’m not the youngest ever but let’s pretend. It feels like it.) This weekend a few of her closest friends, her grandma, her mom and I threw her a beautiful shower at our house.

She wanted a nautical theme (it matches his nursery that we’re working on – it is being done very similar to my boy’s room) so we went with that of course. Here’s the thing – I consider myself to be a creative person, but I’m NOT one to go all out for birthday parties or showers or whatever. I don’t get all crafty and crazy. I think there’s something to be said for simple touches.

The only decorations were balloons and some tissue poofs and…food. Lots of food. :)

We had 50+ people in my house so I knew I’d need to be smart about space. I didn’t set up any extra tables – we used my sofa table for the plates and cups and all:

nautical baby shower I didn’t go too themey with all of it – I got whale napkins and pulled the colors (navy and aqua) out of those. So it wasn’t super traditional nautical, more baby boy nautical. ;) The colors were so cute together:

nautical baby shower

I used candy as decor (using Goodwill glass containers) too:

baby boy shower baby boy shower

One of my stepdaughter’s best friends did most of the planning and made these:

nautical baby shower ideas

Get it – a lifesaver for the nautical theme? Adorable. THIS is the stuff I don’t do but I’m so glad she did. :)

I always have straws as a staple now just because they’re so cute:

baby boy shower

The little candy cups were from Pick Your Plum and were actually from a Fourth of July-themed set. The blue was perfect.

I was relieved to find out the girls didn’t plan many games – there were just too many people to do a lot. They did a diaper raffle (bring a package and you’re entered to win) and bingo that attendees played while my stepdaughter opened her (many) gifts:

baby shower bingo

It was simple and low key and easy – just the way I like it!

The prizes were these adorable art pieces her friend made:

DIY baby shower prizes

I thought they were vinyl at first but she actually painted those on, can you believe it?

Her mom and grandma made all the food and it was good and plentiful:

Like I said, we had more than 50 people to feed! We couldn’t believe that we had some leftover at the end.

For drinks I had the staples like soda and tea, and I loved this cute touch in the punch:

nautical shower ideas

Fishing bobbers – how cute is that?

I made my sangria as well and it was a hit – cause it’s GOOD.

Another one of her best friends made and decorated the red velvet cupcakes:

nautical baby shower

They were SO yummy. I was tickled that they ended up matching the colors exactly.

A simple printable glued over toothpicks for each one:

nautical shower cupcakes

We still have our old round kitchen table in the dining room/library so I went with my standard poofs (see the DIY here) for above the presents:

tissue paper poofs

They are easy and cheap and make a big impact – love them!

She was truly “showered” that day:

baby boy shower

It was exhausting but I’d do it all again 100 times over. I am beyond words proud of her.

I was reminded of how loved she is – her lifelong friends were all there and so many of her college friends too. She is a good, sweet, loving soul and deserves every bit of this joy.

Of course her little brother had to help with the presents (his favorite part):


Yes, she looks like she’s 16. She’s not. ;) I can’t even believe all these girls are growing up and getting married and having babies and they were just in my house around the kitchen island eating pizza and talking about boys.

My heart is full. :) We have a grandchild coming in December – it is a wondrous thing.

Like always, I didn’t go overboard with decor for the shower, but it was lovely all the same. I think in the age of Pinterest we think everything needs to be decorated to the hilt to entertain and it’s so not needed.

Do you enjoy entertaining? It was a little intense having that many people in our house, not gonna lie. Who knew we could fit 50 bodies in here? Most of everyone stayed in our kitchen and family room too – they didn’t really spread out into the house, so that makes it even more of a feat! (Those are not big spaces!)

And now my house is clean and decluttered and for the first time in a long time I feel ready for the holidays…bring it!

**If you're interested in any of the printable items or the invites that matched this theme you can email Courtney at courtneywalshwebdesign (at) gmail (dot) com.

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