Thursday, May 1, 2014

I’ll scratch your back…

Hello all! How are you on this beautiful (chilly!) day? I’ve noticed our plants are taking FOREVER to bloom this year – have you? I’m not surprised but I didn’t realize how late until I looked back at an old post from a couple years back. One of my favorite flowering bushes was in full bloom at the end of March -- it’s just now starting up in late April/early May this year. It’s going to be a short season!

Anyway, I’m on the look out for a couple things and I thought who better to ask for help than all of you? You guys are so helpful when I mention something that I’m looking for. But first I thought I would share some info on a couple things I get asked about a TON, a lot lately in particular.

The first is our family room rug: 

family room tan walls

I got it last year and still love it. It’s a 9 by 12 and I got it from HomeGoods. Many have asked for a brand name and when we laid it down I couldn’t find a tag on the back. But I’m a dummy. The brand name is stamped around the edge of the rug. So…the rug is a Broyhill rug, but I can’t find it anywhere online! I don’t have a specific name for the actual design.

When I looked at Broyhill rugs online they didn’t have a lot of this more transitional/contemporary design – so I’m stumped.

Because I couldn’t find it I did some online shopping for you and these are similar:


I almost got that one for our master bedroom. It looks so plush in the close up photos.

I’ve purchased a couple rugs from Rugs USA and been really happy with the quality. Very pleased really. They’re running a Mother’s Day sale right now, but they do a couple huge sales a year and I wait for those to buy.

I liked the design on this one as well:


And this used to be in our family room – I still love it! It was just a bit too graphic and too small for the space:


Those are great options if you’re looking for a similar design. I saw a rug very similar to mine at HomeGoods a couple weeks ago, so there’s still a chance you may get one near you.

Also, I get asked about my starburst mirror over the mantel all the time and I KNOW! I love it too:

starburst mirror fireplace

That’s another HG find years back and I have looked for a name on it and there's nothing. Usually I’ll find the same design on subsequent trips in there but I’ve never seen this one again. I always have my eye out!

I’ve even looked online for a similar look and can’t find one. I did love these though:


pier 1 starburst mirror


That one is from Pier 1 and I really love it.

This one is Wayfair and they have a darker version as well:



I love it in the gold finish though.

OK, now I need your help! So a couple months back we had our first toilet issue in the powder room. Of course the first time in ten years happens after we put the hardwoods in, but I wouldn’t have put them in if I wasn’t sure they would hold up:

white planked walls

They did – it was quite impressive. But the rug that was in there wasn’t spared – I thought about dry cleaning it but does that disinfect it? I honestly don’t know. Because it was small I threw it in the washer on gentle, which wasn’t smart. The rug actually came out pretty decent but the backing was all jacked up. It was a MESS.

So I had to throw it out and I’m so bummed. I got it at Target a few years back and from what I can tell they don’t carry it online anymore. If any of you see it or know of one will you let me know?:

red blue target rug

The colors in it are PERFECT. Right now we’re just going without one and it’s fine, but I do love that rug and would love to replace it.

Also, you got a peek of this chair earlier this week, but this was another HG find last year:

dark blue chair with nail head

I may as well title this the HomeGoods post.

Someone asked about the quality of HomeGoods furniture the other day and I’ve been pleased so far. All I have from there are a few chairs and smaller things like benches. Most of the items are brand names that don’t quite meet the inspection process, from what I can tell. Usually I can find something that is just slightly off with the items, sometimes nothing at all.

Anyway, I’m hoping to find one more of this chair. I was considering it for the dining room/library set up but I doubt three more of this exact chair will ever happen. So now I’m thinking I’d like to have two in our living room. It’s surprisingly comfortable and I love the low profile of it.

And the nail head accents, of course. :)

nail head accent on chair

The placemat pillow is my own. :)

There’s no marking of any kind on this chair either, so if you’ve seen it I would love to know! I would love you forever!

I’ll keep my eye out for my items and let you know if I see them too. If there are other items in our home you are curious about, let me know in the comments and I’ll give you resources or brand names.

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