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Fall table ideas

Hello my friends! I’m EXCITED – first of all because this is my first chance to show off some of the Better Homes and Gardens products (a super cool opportunity I told you about here) but also because I finally did some fall decorating!

My mission this month is to show you how to use these pretty products to get your home holiday ready – and I’m focusing on the kitchen table. I’m SO thrilled to have a big beautiful table to sit at for Thanksgiving this year! I showed you the unfinished table we purchased a few weeks ago and asked for your advice on keeping it’s natural beauty. A few folks on Instagram recommended a liming wax – something I had never tried. I looked up examples of it and LOVED the look of it. So I tried it out…and hated it. :) Wah wahhhh.

The table is too light to begin with – it just basically white washed it and I quickly realized that was not the look I was going for. In photos I’ve seen of this wax it really shows off the beauty of the wood, but it made our table look really bland. I was so disappointed.

So I sanded down the section I worked on and just went with a wax – which was my gut reaction to do anyway:

wax on unfinished wood

You can see there how it really pulls the grain out and shows it off!

I just used a basic furniture wax – it’s easy to do but it takes some time. I tried two methods – a rag and then this wax brush:

waxing unfinished wood

The brush worked much better – it was just easier to get it deep into the wood and I could get plenty on there.

After applying it you’ll want to let it sit for a bit and then wipe/buff it down:

buffing wax on table

As you buff (this takes some muscle) you’ll see that shine come through – I used the light from the windows to see where I needed to buff some more. It came out SO well and at least for now I love the natural look of the table. What’s great is if I ever change my mind I can sand it down and start over. :)

Because the table is so pretty as is I wanted to go with a simpler, natural fall table setting as well. I picked up these pumpkins at Walmart and gave them a little makeover:

painting pumpkins painting pumpkins white

I’ve seen so many chalk paint pumpkins in blogland but man – it was taking FOREVER to paint them. So I went with my trusty spray paint. It never fails me. ;) I sprayed a couple coats of primer and then a very light coat of the Heirloom White color so they weren’t stark white. It warmed them up nicely.

I found this natural runner in the BHG line and knew right away it would be perfect:

jute table runner

I actually layered two on the table since it’s so long – a nice problem to have. :)

I took a picture of the packaging on a couple items since some of them aren’t online yet. This is what you can look for in the store:  better homes and gardens natural runner

The runner was the perfect backdrop to the more subdued table setting. I’m OBSESSED with the BHG hobnail plates (on the bottom):

natural fall place setting

I’ve looked at these EVERY year and admired them. They were just starting to stock them in my local store so I grabbed the beige color plates (these are called Arlington) and topped them with bowls I already had. These are really beautiful – I just love them and they are SO much more affordable than the high end versions out there.

I love how BHG incorporated owls and foxes into their fall line this year – the cream owl salt and pepper shakers had to come home with me:

owl salt and pepper shakers

This pumpkin cookie jar matches them perfectly – I used it as a centerpiece to hold my fall hydrangeas:

 pumpkin bowl

You can see the cute lid to the left. It’s labeled a cookie jar but I think it would pretty holding rolls or other foods on a Thanksgiving table too.

I sprinkled some pine cones along the runner as well – they smell amazing!:

owl salt and pepper shakers walmart

The bags came with leaves and little bitty pumpkins as well – this is the perfect fall filler:

scented pine cones

And it can easily stick around till Christmas! Bonus.

Because I can’t ever resist a cute placemat pillow – I picked up a couple of these and made quick pillows for the parson’s chairs:

placemat pillow fall

These placemats weren’t the kind you can open up and fill so I just sewed some basic muslin I had on the back and then filled them. They were less than $2 each – can you believe that? They’re not just a print either, it’s all woven. I couldn't believe the price.

I LOVE how it all came together! It makes the whole family room and kitchen feel so warm and cozy. I want to bake a turkey right now:

natural fall table

The plates and glasses will be put away till the big dinner but I’m keeping the rest out until then. It’s too pretty not to:

fall hydrangeas

There’s still a lot that will happen in this area – the board and batten will go up on that back wall after the new doors are installed (hopefully by the end of the month?): And eventually a big window seat will sit in the bay window – can’t WAIT!:

natural fall table setting

But for now I’ll focus on the pretty, finished parts of the room – like a big table ready for big meals!:

easy fall table setting ideas LOVE it! Anymore I don’t like my table settings to be too fancy – I like it to feel welcoming and warm and a spot where people want to sit and stay awhile. You don’t have to spend a ton of money or go crazy with the decor in order to do just that. (You can see my fall table from last year here.)

Keep a look out online and in Walmart stores for the fall and Christmas Better Homes and Gardens entertaining items! I was able to find everything I used in my local store. Will you be hosting Thanksgiving this year? The older I get the more I like the holiday – it’s such a fun, relaxing day for us.


better homes and gardens products at walmart

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