Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Showing off Jenna Sue

OK everybody. Get ready. Sit down, busy the kids, turn off your phone. Cause I’m about to keep you occupied for hours. HOURS people.

I am introducing you to my latest blog crush today and if you are like me you’ll be hooked as well. This girl is good. I’ve been reading Jenna Sue’s blog for a while now and I keep going to back to read older posts because I love her style so much. Finding a blog that I love is so. much. fun. I am excited to share her with you today because I think you’ll love her home too!

Let’s start at the foyer of her California home, shall we?:

black interior doors

All I have to say is white planked walls, wood accents and a black door. That is all. No other words needed.

Jenna Sue runs her business from home and has pretty office with beautiful view. I love how she’s organized the space:

wood crate hanging organization

She has a lot of supplies but everything is put together so well! My drawers stuffed with crap are looking mighty sad in comparison. ;)

OK. The kitchen. You have to see the before pics to appreciate it. I take that back – you can appreciate it just fine as it is: built in bench kitchen

I love built in anything and but benches make my heart sing.

You’ll notice planked walls everywhere – the ceilings with wood beams as well. It adds so much warmth to her house:

gray cabinets kitchen

I now want to plank ALL THE WALLS in our house.

I knew I would love her style when I saw the dark gray wall behind her bed. :) Love the mix of rustic and traditional in her master bedroom:

rustic bedroom planked walls

Love those bedside sconces!

Her family room is undergoing a renovation right now but this corner of the room is looking fantastic:

white planked walls

I’m usually a dark hardwood girl but those floors are so pretty! They serve as a perfect backdrop to her neutral decor.

I love the fall touches she’s been sharing lately as well:

natural wood cabinet

You can see how she made over that cabinet here.

And last but certainly not least, you HAVE to see her deck:

outdoor chair no arms

Seriously dreamy. I mean, the views?

Ridiculous. Love it!:

modern outdoor furniture deckSo there you go! I told you her house was awesome. I love Jenna Sue’s style and am happy to share her with you today.

Blogs are awesome. :) So much free inspiration – it’s truly amazing the talent out there.

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