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Dream plans for 2015

Hello and welcome to my second favorite time of the year! The start of a new year is always so refreshing and exciting for me – I love decrapifying and organizing and dreaming up new plans for the house.

And as much as I love the Christmas decor I absolutely LOVE taking it down and rediscovering our house. It’s a fresh new space!

I always share plans I hope to accomplish for each year here on the blog, partly cause it’s fun to share but also because it kind of keeps me accountable. Early this year I did just that – and I’d say I accomplished about half of what I planned. But what I did accomplish was BIG (the family room renovation).

I had planned to get the rest of our interior doors painted black and I only got two more done…whomp whooomp. But they are beauties!:

interior black doorsblack interior doors 

I still have six doors upstairs I’d like to paint but the main floor is done. LOVE how they look.

I hoped to get a lot done in the mud room in 2014 and I did – I shared that progress with you earlier this week.

There are two rooms I really wanted to change up this year and I basically did nothing in both of them. Ha! This is how our living room looked late last year:

sisal rug

That rug was a total, epic fail (it literally fell apart with wear and tear from the dog), so we won’t be doing that again.

This room is a wide open one with high ceilings but those are the things that stump me. I decided this would be the year that we’d get a new sofa in there because I hate the one we have. I guess hate is a strong word…strongly dislike. It’s been there forever and was one of those I-need-to-fill-this-space-so-I’ll-buy-something purchases years and years ago. You can’t clean it without shadows appearing all over the upholstery and it’s HUGE. It is comfy…it’s got that going for it.

Well other stuff became priority so the new sofa didn’t happen. Which is fine because I’m still not sure how I want this room to look. It’s hard to work with because there’s only one usable wall and it’s like 20 feet tall. I laugh that these are my “problems.” Nice ones to have.

I did go add the craftsman trim to the windows which I lurrrve:

thick trim around windows

Those drapes were moved to the library and I love them in their new spot!

Another space I’ve been wanting to work on for YEARS is our loft:

DIY craft table

It’s been many “rooms” over the years – before the kiddo it was a lounging space for us. Then it was a playroom. Now a craft room. Someday (hopefully no time soon) when we move we’ll probably make it into a bedroom so we can sell as a four bedroom.

It’s a large room but I still don’t feel like we’re using the space well. I finally came up with a plan and I’m SO excited to get started!! Here’s the layout as I see it:

floor plan program for ipad

Disregard the colors – it will not have a purple rug and pink pillows. ;)

I use an app for the Ipad called Living Room to create these by the way. I bought it years ago and have used it many times. I planned the both the basement and family room renovations with this app – it’s awesome:

floor plan app

Anyway – my plan is to add mega storage. Wonderful, glorious storage. Do you hear the singing?? I hope to add a line of drawers along the long wall to the left. And built ins on each side of the window seat have always been the plan, like this:

built ins and window seat

Because the line of lower cabinets will run along the one wall I’ll have to figure out how to butt them up to the built ins around the window on the left side:

floor plan app

This photo shows how I could make it work:

built ins around window (source)

I want build a table out into the middle of the room from the line of cabinets so we have a big spot to sit and craft, wrap presents, draw and color, whatever.

Something like this:

craft room table


Although I want mine to have storage under the end of the table.

We currently use my DIY craft table but I think I’d like something shorter at table height. I think it’s just more comfortable to sit down at that level.

I’m really excited about how functional this room could be! We will keep a TV up there so we’ll still have a spot to sit and lounge as well.

This is one of those rooms we really don’t need – but we do end up spending a decent amount of time in there. I just hate that it’s not as functional and pretty as it could be. Hopefully I’ll fix that this year. ;) First up though – we want to put hardwoods down in the room. The carpet is truly gross but we’ll have to save up for that and I won’t start up anything much else till we get those done.

The final project I had hoped to start/finish this year was the kitchen…and I’ve barely touched it! This redo will be one of my biggest yet. Or the biggest. I’ve had a good idea of what I want to do for years now but I’m glad I waited to tackle it because now I’m feeling really good about the direction. I’ll share that plan soon too – it needs it’s own post!

Of course not all of this will get done this year. I try to do as much as I can myself and I tend to take my time. ;) Plus finances will determine how much I can get done too – but I’m SO excited to tackle both of these spaces and finish up some others as well!

Do you have any fun plans in your house for 2015? It’s such a fun time of the year to dream of what’s to come!

Hope you have a wonderful and safe New Year’s Eve and a great start to 2015!! Thanks for joining me for 2014 – I am truly grateful!!

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