Friday, January 2, 2015

Another no-spend month!

Hello all! I hope the end of last year and the start to 2015 were great! We stayed at home and partied in the basement…meaning we sat on the couch and ate popcorn. ;)

I’ve been busy going through rooms, purging and organizing and it feels so good. I love it. I’ve had zero desire to bring anything new into the house – it all must go! So I figured this would be a great time to do another one of my no-spend months.

I’ve done these a couple times before and it’s just a time for me to focus on what we have, make things work and get stuff done around the house. I always have list a mile long of projects I want to accomplish that get pushed aside because of the bigger stuff. And it just feels good to not bring any more STUFF into the house. My only cheat may be an IKEA trip that’s already planned, but I may just reschedule. ;)

I thought I would share a few of my favorite projects from no-spends past so you can see what I’m up to during these months.

I still love my little candlestick table that sits in our family room:

board and batten walls

You can see how I made that (with items from Goodwill that I had) here.

Years ago I found an amazing online resource for free prints and used that to create some art in the family room:

free art printables

I later added some gold rub n buff to the corners of those frames too:

corner fireplaceThose prints now sit on the built ins near one of my other favorite no-spend projects, the DIY wood troughgray fireplace

This is one of the projects I get asked about most! I made it from scrap wood and it’s SO EASY. These are great for the middle of a long table too.

Another one of my best no-spend projects was when I took an old 80’s night stand we had forever:painting over dark wood

And made it over with white paint and handles (all we had on hand).

So much better!:

80's nightstand redo

I didn’t love the scrolly wood underneath so I recently removed that with my jigsaw, as you can see in this Instagram pic from the other night:

gray accent wall

It removed even more of the 80’s feel. ;)

I used some scrap wood to build some shelves in the guest room closet:

using all of closet

I hate wasted space and this makes that awkward spot SO much more useful!

I also finished up a big project in that same room:

ombre painted wall

I had the paint…I just never took the time to do it! Still love this ombre wall!

We had some drapes that needed lined and some sheets I was going to drop off at Goodwill – so I used the sheets to line the drapes:

how to line drapes I share how to line drapes in that post too. The sheets were the perfect weight – love how full they make the drapes.

Like I said, I tend to get a lot of little things done in these months and last time I finished up a bunch of little details in our basement bathroom and shared the reveal:

blue and green bathroom

I adore this room and it’s pretty colors! You can see more of this space here.

I’m looking forward to getting some projects knocked off the list! Hope you’ll find them useful too!

You can see all of my no-spend projects here and here. :) Have a great weekend my peeps!

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