Friday, November 21, 2014

Cleaning out

Hello all and happy weekend! Anything fun planned?

I have about 285 things on my list I’d like to get accomplished before Thanksgiving and instead the other day I spent hours cleaning up this mess out in the garage:

It needed to be done, obviously. But it is not on the list. ;) Food and cleaning this house are, however. But noooo…I focus on things like this. In my defense, it’s been driving me crazy for months. ALL of that wood is trim from the renovation. It was way bigger than this – we saved a ton of trim when we took down the wall so I used a lot to do the board and batten in the family room.

There’s still a good amount I’ll use in the kitchen – on the crown, base and board and batten. Some of the pieces I gave away and the rest I’m keeping for future projects. I hoard scrap wood – it’s my thing. ;)

Anyhoo, I finally got most of that area organized and then I kept going in the garage. Usually this time of year is when I organize our garage but usually this time of year isn’t 12 degrees with snow. So I’m doing bits and pieces and I’ll just have to wait till spring for the rest of it.

While I was organizing I realized the truly insane amount of painter’s tape I have. It’s from working with the lovely FrogTape folks – but there’s no way I can use all this tape myself. I LOVE this tape and have worked with them for years but a few months back I pulled out -- I couldn't think of worthwhile projects to do anymore. If I can’t make it worthwhile for you I don’t feel right doing it. So I definitely don’t need all the tape I have and decided instead of dropping it at Goodwill, I’d pass it along to you guys!

I have nearly 20 rolls to give away. I have three rolls of the chevron shape tape:

chevron painter's tape

I’m not a huge fan of chevron but I did use this in a different way to get a unique look:

chevron painters tape design

So even if you’re not a big Chevron person, it still can be used to make different designs!

I have three wave tapes available as well: wave painter's tape

I think this stuff is super cute, especially for a bathroom. :) I made this art for my son’s bathroom and still love it!:

nautical art wave painter's tape

I think the scallop tape is pretty too. I have four of these to give away:


I used this on my candy corn bunting last year: candy corn bunting

So cute!!

I’m clearing out some of my regular tape as well – I have six of these available:

frogtape painter's tape

This is truly my favorite painter’s tape. The crisp lines can’t be beat. I used it to make this pretty ombre wall in our guest room:

ombre wall with squares

I’ve mastered the art of cutting in so I just don’t use painter’s tape as much as I used to.

And this stuff I’m really excited about – it’s FrogTape for textured surfaces:

painter's tape for textured walls

I’ve never used this so I can’t speak to how well it works, but it’s worth a try! I have three of these to give away.

Here are the deets:

This giveaway is now closed! :)

I will be taking most of next week off to spend with my family. I may be back with a post next Friday but that will most likely be it. I’ll be back with CHRISTMAS when I return though. :)

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! I am so thankful you follow along with my escapades every week!

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